Kuler.adobe.com - color collections, schemes
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Site za kulere (coolere) i one koji se tako osjecaju, ali i za one koje zanimaju color-setovi… Odlicna stvar za nas slijepce na boje (vidim boje i razlikujem ih, ali sam apsolutno neiteligentan u njihovom slaganju). ;-)


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    Desksoft BWmeter (bandwidth meter) - complete trash!
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    For the last 6 months I had nightmares with computer freezes, reboots, etc. I suspected many applications, (network) drivers, hardware etc. but couldn’t find the right piece of shit to put the blame on. Well, the search is over. The worst possible application and complete and utter bullshit is named: BWMeter (from DeskSoft). This piece of utter bullshit, installed network driver that intercepted all network traffic, which would be fine if that piece of crap had been written by humans. Humans with more than a dozen of braincells.

    It took me six months, many suspects, many applications deinstalled as collateral damage… spare yourself time and nerves, and remove that crapy pile of shit… try NetMeter instead… It doesn’t have as much features as BWMeter, but at least it won’t freeze/reboot your computer and won’t kill your nerves nor time…

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    Picasa & Coppermine Photo Gallery
    Lokacija: Software :: DigitalPhoto   |   Autor: cacan @ 23:38   |  


    On the client Side:
    - Picasa
    - Windows XP Web Publishing Wizzard

    On the server side:
    - Apache + MySQL + ImageMagick + PHP + Coppermine Photo Gallery


    Let’s assume you have a running Coppermine Gallery on your server under http://www.yourdomainname.com (see coppermine installation instructions). Go to http://www.yourdomainname.com/xp_publish.php. In the middle of the page there’s a link to download a .reg file to install on your Windows XP system. Download it and install it. From now you can publish files from Window Explorer to your gallery in a few clicks. So let’s work on the pictures.

    1- Copy your pictures from the camera to a folder on your computer (let’s call it “foo”).

    2- Open Picasa, make sure folder “foo” is being watched for changes so that the pictures you just added can be seen from Picasa. You can specify which folders are watched in “Tools>Picture Manager”.

    3- in Picasa, browse your pictures, rotate them, get rid of those red eyes… when you find a picture you want to put on your online gallery, just “Hold” it in the Picture Tray.

    4- When you’re done browsing/editing your pictures, all the pictures you want to put online should be in the picture tray. Now Press the “Export” button on the right. This will pop up a small window where you can specify the way you want your pictures to be resized. I usually set it to 800*600. When the export is done, Picasa automatically launches Windows Explorer window contaning all the pictures you just exported.

    5- In the left pane of the Windows Explorer Window, select “Publish Folder to the Web”. You should be able to select your Coppermine Photo Gallery in the Publishing Wizzard, and Select all the pictures you want to upload. Also the Wizzard lets you pick an existing name for the target album or create a new one in the category of your choice. Since Picasa did a smart resizing of your pictures (taking protrait/landscape into account), you do not need to resize them in the wizzard. When the publishing is done your pictures will be uploaded to your gallery and you can enjoy sharing them.

    6- That’s it!!!”

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    Disable Windows Update restart
    Lokacija: Comp & Internet :: Software   |   Autor: cacan @ 22:37   |  
    To stop this service, open [Command Prompt] (Start>Run>cmd>Enter) and type the following command sc stop wuauserv. This will not prevent Automatic Updates from starting at the next boot. So don’t worry, you’ll keep getting Windows updates. Just don’t forget to restart eventually.


    Now, to get rid of it:
    Start / Run / gpedit.msc / Local Computer Policy / Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Windows Update / Re-prompt for restart with scheduled installations

    Tnx 2 Lifehacker

    P.S. Sad stvarno vise ne moram (skoro) nikada restartati komp… ;-)

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    Kako saznati tko je spammer?!
    Lokacija: Mozdano mlijeko   |   Autor: cacan @ 0:45   |  

    …odnosno tko prodaje podatke spammerima?

    Dobra poznata i korisna metodu za auto-labeliranje i sortiranje mailova u GMailu (i drugim mail serverima/servisima) moze se iskoristiti za identificiranje spam-friendly servisa. Prilikom registracije na neki servis dovoljno je dodati “+imeservisa” u e-mail adresu. Em se mogu raditi precizniji i bolji ruleovi za auto-labeliranje, em se na taj nacin mogu skontati servisi koji podatke (pro)daju spammerima.

    Dakle, prilikom registracije na neki servis kao e-mail adresu umjesto ime.prezime@gmail.com navesti ime.prezime+imeservisa@gmail.com. Simple as that… poruke poslane na obje mail adrese doci ce u isti mailbox.

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