32 MB USB Drive Contest
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Lik je nabavio nekoliko 32MB USB stickova i odlucio im dati nekakav smisao. Napravio je natjecaj za popunjavanje 32MB USB sticka s korisnim softom…Soft je podijelio i organizirao u odredjene kategorije…

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32 MB USB Drive Contest

Recently, I ordered four 32 MB USB drives. It was one of those impulse buys because they were so cheap. Once they arrived, I then thought, “OK. Now what?” So, I thought I would give these drives away in a contest!

The purpose of this contest is to come up with the four best, unique ideas for a small 32 MB USB drive. The four best ideas will have their ideas created by me on one of the USB drives and mailed out to them! The USB drive system will also be named after the creator. Here are the rules:

1. Everything that you want to use for the USB drive must fit into the 32 MB drive.
2. The drive can be used in conjunction with software installed on the computer as long as the software either comes with a default installation of the OS or can be installed from the USB drive.
3. Any software used on the drive must be available as either freeware, open source, or something that I could cook up quickly with AutoIt.
4. You may enter as often as you wish but each time must be with a unique idea.
5. All components required for the USB drive must be described in detail.
6. Only entries submitted in the comments at http://www.dailycupoftech.com/32-mb-usb-drive-contest/ between the dates of December 4 and 8, 2006 will be eligible.
7. Winners will be selected by votes collected between the dates of December 11 to 15, 2006.
8. Winners will be contained via e-mail for the mailing address so that they can receive their prize.

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    Wordpress Theme Generator
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    Wordpress Theme Generator

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    Box model: Dizajniranje bez tablica za početnike #1
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    Dizajniranje bez tablica za početnike #1

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    sIFR - font, html, flash, css
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    Kako staviti bilo koji font na web, poštivajući standarde?

    Odgovor: sIFR

    sIFR is meant to replace short passages of plain browser text with text rendered in your typeface of choice, regardless of whether or not your users have that font installed on their systems. It accomplishes this by using a combination of javascript, CSS, and Flash. Here is the entire process:

    1. A normal (X)HTML page is loaded into the browser.
    2. A javascript function is run which first checks that Flash is installed and then looks for whatever tags, ids, or classes you designate.
    3. If Flash isn’t installed (or obviously if javascript is turned off), the (X)HTML page displays as normal and nothing further occurs. If Flash is installed, javascript traverses through the source of your page measuring each element you’ve designated as something you’d like “sIFRed".
    4. Once measured, the script creates Flash movies of the same dimensions and overlays them on top of the original elements, pumping the original browser text in as a Flash variable.
    5. Actionscript inside of each Flash file then draws that text in your chosen typeface at a 6 point size and scales it up until it fits snugly inside the Flash movie.

    This all happens in a split-second, so all of the checking, replacing, and scaling is not visible to the user. It is not uncommon to notice a very short delay as the Flash loads, but to the user, none of the internals of this process are exposed.

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    astroGraphics - mikroskopski svijet
    Lokacija: Zanimljivi linkovi :: DigitalPhoto   |   Autor: cacan @ 10:13   |  

    Odlicne fotke mikro-svijeta…

    astroGraphics mikrosvijet

    i jos neke zanimljive galerije

    ….u glavi mi svira “Dosta, Dosta” od Boya ;-)

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    dncCoop.com - How much is your site worth?
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    How much is your site worth?

    Dakle, svasta… ovi moji linkovi i informacije sto si ih skupljam nekom drugom bi vrijedili $900… yeah, right… ;-) Meni vrijeme bar $10K ;-)

    Kako god, lijepo da se netko sjetio uzeti vise parametara i prema njima raditi procjenu vrijednosti pojedine (pod)domene… kao i za Alexu, i ovaj tool je dobar samo za odokativnu relativnu usporedbu vise domena, nikako za realnu procjenu vrijednosti neke domene… ocito da autori dolaze iz sredine gdje se sve mjeri iskljucivo u $$$, a i marketinski bolje zvuci kad nesto vrijedi $xxxxx, nego xxxxx kikirikija… ;-)

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    How to correct Perspective in Photoshop
    Lokacija: DigitalPhoto   |   Autor: cacan @ 16:27   |  


    We usually want rectangular objects to look like rectangles. If your camera is not perfectly parallel to the subject you will get trapezoids with weird angles instead.

    I had my camera pointed up to include the whole building. This made it look like it’s falling over backwards. Complex large-format cameras and exotic perspective control (PC) and tilt-and-shift (TS) lenses used to be needed to correct this.

    It’s trivial to correct in Photoshop CS2. It’s a little tougher in earlier versions. It works with any image, digital or film.

    Photoshop CS2

    In Photoshop CS2 use the Lens Distortion Correction filter by selecting FILTER > DISTORT > LENS CORRECTION. You get a big new window with a preview and control sliders.

    In the Transform box (towards the bottom) just move the Vertical Perspective and Horizontal Perspective sliders until your image looks great.

    For this image I simply slid the Vertical Perspective slider until it looked right, which was at -54.

    Versions before Photoshop CS2:

    Use the Crop tool (just press “C") and select most of the image. You will lose some of the sides of the image in this process.

    After you’ve clicked, dragged and released the Crop tool you’ll notice a new option to click along the top bar on your screen called Perspective. I overlooked this for years, since it only pops up after you’ve made your crop selection and disappears after you’ve hit “Return” to make the crop.

    Check “Perspective” and now move the edges of the crop box to follow the lines you want to have parallel in the final image. Once you’ve done this just hit “Return” and lo and behold, a corrected image! This image here had all the lines angled in towards the top on my film since I had to point the camera up, and after this trick they are all vertical as if I had lugged my view camera to France.

    All Versions

    You won’t always have enough picture left on one side or top or bottom after the tool stretches and squeezes your image. By stretching the top and squeezing the bottom I had an image that was fatter on the top and skinnier on the bottom. I had to clone some of the bottom back into the blank areas that were createdby the squeeze. An observant eye will notice that there is more fence going off to the right in the corrected image than there is in the original image. I wound up with more sky than I needed and too little dirt at the bottom.

    Of course I cropped it neatly in the example you see above.

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