Projax - Prototype and Ajax
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Projax - Prototype and Ajax

Projax - user guide

Projax stands for Prototype and Ajax.Projax is a set of Open Source PHP Classes which help you build more interactive Web Application / websites with minimal effort.Projax help you build better applications by providing easy to use API which siplifies tasks involving Ajax , Effects , DOM etc. At its core Projax is a RoR javascript helpers port for PHP. For Ajax and DOM Projax uses Prototype on client side , and for Effects like drag and drop etc it uses Script.aculo.us.
JavaScript Helpers

* button_to_function($name,$function=null)
* link_to_function($name,$function,$html_options=null)
* tag($content)
* escape($javascript)

Prototype Helpers

* evaluate_remote_response()
* form_remote_tag($options)
* link_to_remote($name,$function,$html_options=null)
* observe_field($field_id,$options =null)
* observe_form($form,$options=null)
* periodically_call_remote($options=null)
* remote_function($options)
* submit_to_remote($name,$value,$options=null)
* dump($javascript)
* ID($id,$extend=null)
* alert($message)
* assign($variable,$value)
* …

Script.aculo.us Helpers

* dragable_element($element_id,$options=null)
* drop_receiving_element($element_id,$options=null)
* sortable_element($element_id,$options=null)
* visual_effect($name,$element_id=false,$js_options=null)
* auto_complete_field($field_id,$options=null)
* in_place_editor($field_id,$options=null)

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    Dynamic Drive CSS Layouts
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    Dynamic Drive CSS Layouts

    Dynamic Drive CSS Layouts

    This is Dynamic Drive’s new CSS layouts section. Here you’ll find tableless, CSS based page templates to quickly define the skeleton of your pages. Please help us spread the word by giving it a digg (see right)!

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    EPIware - Open Source Document Management
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    EPIware Open Source Project and Document Management

    Open Source Project and Document Management

    Upload, Manage and Share documents online
    Epiware enables organizations to easily share information and effectively collaborate on documents in a browser-based environment.

    Bring together people, content, and process
    Epiware enables the creation of virtual teams by providing an online workspace for users to collaborate and exchange information in a secure, protected setting. It is intuitive and easy to use, which allows users to concentrate on what they do best rather than on trying to master an application.

    With Epiware, costs can be lowered, projects can be expedited, decisions can be made in a more efficient and timely manner, changes can be executed more quickly, and errors due to miscommunications can be reduced or eliminated.

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    Bullshit generator - oldskool + web2.0
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    Hehe, sad znam na koji link cu upucivati sve likove koji mi pocnu drobiti veleumne pizdarije… ;-)

    Web 2.0 Bullshit generator - web2.0 powered! posebno pogodan na sve kenjatore koji drobe o web 2.0 i koji su rijec “keyword” zamijenili rjecju “tag".

    …i verzija za sve oldskoolere (skontaj razliku u buzzwordima), moglo bi se reci da je ovo vec depleted do jaja:

    Web Economy Bullshit Generator

    Update 2006.11.07. :
    Corporate Gibberish Generator

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