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Za PHP manijake.

Blog sa sazecima blogova i PHP vijesti. Centralizirano mjesto dnevnih informacija o PHPu. Samo za ovisnike i zesce PHP narkomane. ;-) Dovoljno za PHP information overdose.

Eto, to bi mogao biti naramak reklama za sljedeci link

  • Planet PHP - blog PHP blogova
  • Planet PHP
  • Planet PHP - blog PHP blogova

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    Google Pagerank - objasnjenje kako radi Google
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    Evo jedan odlican link na kojem oje objasnjenjo na koju duminu Google moze dati tako dobre rezultate. Ok, pored toga sto iza sebe ima farmu servera, posebno pisan OS koji to sve povezuje, petbajtne baze podataka (valjda, ovo samo nagadjam ;-)) on ima i PageRank - kljucni dio u citavoj Google paradigmi.

  • Google Pagerank
  • What is PageRank?
    PageRank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web. Google figures that when one page links to another page, it is effectively casting a vote for the other page. The more votes that are cast for a page, the more important the page must be. Also, the importance of the page that is casting the vote determines how important the vote itself is. Google calculates a page’s importance from the votes cast for it. How important each vote is is taken into account when a page’s PageRank is calculated.

    PageRank is Google’s way of deciding a page’s importance. It matters because it is one of the factors that determines a page’s ranking in the search results. It isn’t the only factor that Google uses to rank pages, but it is an important one.

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    Remote Desktop for Mobiles - wired home
    Lokacija: Comp & Internet :: Zanimljivi linkovi :: Software   |   Autor: cacan @ 20:14   |  

    Jedna jako zanimljiva aplikacijica, pogotovo za one koji su si vec promrezili gajbu, pa imaju spojenu klimu, grijanje, bojler, pecnicu, zenu ;-) na komp…

  • Remote desktop for mobiles
  • Dakle, VNC-alike, odnosno RAdmin-alike aplikacija ali ovaj put komp-mobitel. Dakle, upravljate svojim kompom preko mobitela (mora biti stalno spojen na Net)… ovo je jedan jako lijepi proof of concept, vjerujem da ce se poceti pojavljivati sve veci broj ovakvih ili slicnih aplikacija… jos kad bi gradjevinari po defaultu razvlacili UTP po novim gajbama… heh…

    Hm, tko mi to pusta narodnjake, pas m^%#$%^ ?! Opet netko provalio...
    The Remote Desktop for Mobiles is a software designed for GSM mobile phones which support GPRS services and can be executing a Java (J2ME) applications. This software provides access to desktop of remote Windows-based computer from mobile phones and allowing to control the mouse and keyboard of remote computer.
    Gdje je nestao proces
    Remote Desktop for Mobiles it is easy-to-use, reliable and secure remote control software which will allow you to work on the remote home or office computer from your mobile phone.

    You will see the screen of the remote computer on your mobile phone and also you can operate mouse and keyboard of the remote computer.

    Additional features of Remote Desktop for Mobiles allow you to execute any console commands on the remote computer and receive result to mobile phone. In addition has a set of commands for getting a system information and perform management of system.

    The Remote Desktop for Mobiles software will consist of two part:
    The Server which should be installed on the remote computer.
    The Client which should be installed on mobile phone.

    The Server provides connection of the Client for control of a remote computer, sending a desktop screenshot to the Client and operate to the mouse and keyboard by commands from the Client.

    The Server uses a TCP/IP connection to the Internet for receiving the Client connections.

    There are no special system requirements to a hardware platform. The Server will works on any PC with minimal requirements to hardware resources. The Server will works under Microsoft Windows 98 / NT 4.0 / 2000 / XP / 2003.


    The Client is running on mobile phone and showing a desktop of the remote computer. Also, the Client transfer a mouse and keyboard control directly to the Server.

    The Client has an “Address book” for saving addresses of controlled computers, executed commands history for reuse a commands, and many other useful features.

    The Client is applying on mobiles with supporting Java (J2ME) Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) 1.0 (MIDP 2.0 is more acceptable) and should have not less than 2 Mb of memory. The recommended screen size not less than 132x170 at 65536 colors. The mobile phone should be supporting connection to GPRS network. The operator of mobile network to which your mobile phone are registered should to give GPRS service.

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    Bilderberg.org - New World Order
    Lokacija: Mozdano mlijeko :: Comp & Internet :: Zanimljivi linkovi :: Politika   |   Autor: cacan @ 16:58   |  
  • Bilderberg.org
  • Zanimljive teorije, na granici teorije zavjere i poprilicno moguceg… ovisi kako tko zeli gledati… Svakako preporucam izucavanja ovog sitea i kompletne problematike… ;-) pogotovo onima s viskom vremena.. .:)

    O toj zanimljivoj sacici utjecajnih ljudi sam citao jos prije, ali sam s vremenom zagubio link. Znao sam se tu i tamo (u pokojim rasprava) pozvati na postojanje ove skupine ;-) Napokon link stavljam ovdje, i nadam se da mi sada site nece netragom nestati ;-) Ako ovoj stranici naglo opadne Google Pagerank, mozete biti sigurni da je ovaj post razlog tome! -)

  • Bilderberska skupina - Bilderberg
  • What are Bilderberg Conferences all about?
    TG 08Feb00 - The Bilderberg Secretariat proclaims the conferences to be ‘…private in order to encourage frank and open discussion’. Frank and open discussion is a good thing in any forum but when those doing the discussing are some of the very most powerful financiers and media tycoons in the world it begs the question: If what they discuss is for the good of ordinary people why not publicise it! Isn’t it a perverted use of the word ‘open’ when no-one can find out what they’re saying?

    Is Bilderberg a secret conspiracy?
    When such rich and powerful people meet up in secret, with military intelligence managing their security, with hardly a whisper escaping of what goes on inside, people are right to be suspicious. But the true power of Bilderberg comes from the fact that participants are in a bubble, sealed off from reality and the devastating implications on the ground of the black-science economic solutions on the table.

    No, it’s not a ‘conspiracy’. The world’s leading financiers and foreign policy strategists don’t get together at Bilderberg to draw up their ’secret plans for the future’. It’s subtler than that. These meetings create an artificial ‘consensus’ in an attempt to spellbind visiting politicians and and other men of influence. Blair has fallen for this hook, line and sinker. It’s about reinforcing - often to the very people who are on the edge of condemning Globalisation - the illusion that Globalisation is ‘good’, ‘popular’ and that it’s inevitable.

    Bilderberg is an extremely influential lobbying group. That’s not to say though that the organisers don’t have a hidden agenda, they do, namely accumulation of wealth and power into their own hands whilst explaining to the participants that globalisation is for the good of all. It is also a very good forum for ‘interviewing’ potential future political figures such as Clinton (1991) and Blair (1993). [see above for more on this]

    The ideology put forward at the Bilderberg conferences is that what’s good for banking and big business is good for the mere mortals of the world. Silently banished are the critical voices, those that might point out that debt is spiralling out of control, that wealth is being sucked away from ordinary people and into the hands of the faceless corporate institutions, that millions are dying as a direct result of the global heavyweight Rockefeller/Rothschild economic strategies.

    When looking at one of the (partially reliable) participant lists it should be remembered that quite a number of participants are invited in an attempt to get them on-board the globalisation project. These are carefully selected people of influence, who have been openly critical of globalisation. Examples are Jonathan Porritt (Bilderberg 1999) and Will Hutton (Bilderberg 1997) but there are many others. Most of these kinds of participants are happy to speak about the conference afterwards, and may even be refreshingly critical.

    The Bilderberg organisers are accepted by those ‘in the know’ as the prophets of Capitalism. Will Hutton, deputy Editor of The Observer newspaper in London and left-leaning Economist, described private clubs of the elite as masterminded by ‘The High Priests of Globalisation’. The ecclesiastical allusion is not accidental. The Bilderberg high-priests are a force against good, out to wipe morality from the earth. For the organisers Bilderberg Conferences are an annual ideological assault by the world’s most power-hungry people. Not content with owning unimaginable amounts of money and property they want to use that wealth to acquire even more power for themselves. Power is the most dangerous and addictive drugs known to man. Will the craving be satisfied when a handful of men own and control everything on earth?

    And just like the Nazi party in the 1930’s the global Capitalist Elite are rising in power by peaceful means. There are some very uncomfortable and unexplained connections between Bilderberg and the Nazis through the Conference’s founder Prince Bernhard.

    These crown princes of capital use violence at the sharp end - the destruction of dissent - the repossession of homes men and women have worked a lifetime for - needless deaths from starvation and geopolitical machinations - this violence is notable by its absence from the annual meetings.

    One can’t help but wonder, when the Bilderberg organisers, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kissinger and the rest have completed their project of enclosing all global goods and services into their own hands, enclosing too the media to stop people freely discussing what they are up to. What then?? What happens when the men who would be gods turn out to be the global devils?

    Who is behind Bilderberg?
    Bilderberg is run by a Steering Group - if you’re wondering who’s responsible for so much of the capital-friendly and dissent-crushing law-making, poverty and general misery in the world this may be the place to look. Up-to-date lists are available from the Bilderberg Secretariat. This is the closest approximation to a shadow transatlantic government. And this is another hidden agenda at Bilderberg.

    There may be other groups pulling the strings behind even the Steering Group possibly even high degree occult groups such as The Masons or Illuminati! [eg.] - but that is ‘conspiracy theory’, Bilderberg is not.

    There must certainly be some sociopathic minds behind Bilderberg since they go to so much trouble to promote policies that lead to exploitation, inequality and despair. These individuals seem oddly switched off from the suffering they are clearly causing. Surely only pernicious people would want to control the ideology of the world’s mainstream press, and undermine natural political discourse. Public opinion and democratic institutions are a threat when you want to own the world.

    The perverse objective of the Bilderberg Steering Group is to dress totalitarian ideology up to appear rational and push it out, unattributable, for mass consumption under Chatham House rules. Meanwhile, outside the Bilder-bubble, ‘god-is-money’ globalisation is the new religion. The greedy are given a pat on the back as they plunder both the earth and do their best to destroy the human spirit.

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    DiveIntoMark - XML, RSS, feeds
    Lokacija: WebDev :: PHP :: Razno   |   Autor: cacan @ 23:49   |  

    Odlican site s clancima vezanim uz RSS, XML, content syndicating… iako se bazira na pytonu, ima dosta korisnih objasnjenja… cini se da je odustao od updejtanja, ali ima zanimljivih stvari….


    There are 9 versions of RSS, all of which are incompatible with various other versions. RSS 0.90 is incompatible with Netscape’s RSS 0.91, Netscape’s RSS 0.91 is incompatible with Userland’s RSS 0.91, Netscape’s RSS 0.91 is incompatible with RSS 1.0, Userland’s RSS 0.91 is incompatible with RSS 0.92, RSS 0.92 is incompatible with RSS 0.93, RSS 0.93 is incompatible with RSS 0.94, RSS 0.94 is incompatible with RSS 2.0, and RSS 2.0 is incompatible with itself.

  • The myth of RSS compatibility
  • Cini se da lik ne updejta stranicu… prije ili kasnije svi cemo postati Grizly Adams ;-)

    Monday, October 18, 2004
    Every exit
    It’s time for me to find a new hobby. Preferably one that doesn’t involve angle brackets. Or computers. Or electricity.

    Zadnji blogpost

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    Mandarin design - zakon CSS - korisni CSS tips’n'tricks
    Lokacija: WebDev :: CSS   |   Autor: cacan @ 20:30   |  

    Odlicni CSS tips’n'tricks… zaista zakon tutoriali kako napraviti korisne stvari u CSSu…

  • Mandarindesign.com
  • Blog Trashed by

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  • 50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006
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  • Dynamic languages - dinamicki jezici - php, python

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    CSS - odlican vodic kroz CSS - guide - Index dot CSS
    Lokacija: WebDev :: CSS   |   Autor: cacan @ 19:57   |  

    Index D O T Css
    T h e A d v a n c e d C S S R e f e r e n c e

  • The Advanced CSS Reference

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  • Meta-efficient - jedne od najefikasnijih stvari na svijetu ;-)
  • Color selector #1
  • WYSIWYG HTML Area Editor - TinyMCE

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    Search engine map
    Lokacija: WebDev :: Hosting   |   Autor: cacan @ 22:09   |  

    Zanima vas u kakvim su medjusobnim odnosima kojekakvi pretrazivaci, trazilice, search enginei, search botovi, blabla… kako medjusobno dijele search resultse ??! Gdje se trebate prijaviti i na kojim ce se trazilicama to automatski ukljuciti?! :)

    Search engine map daje odgovor na to pitanje.. .:)

  • Search engine map

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  • ShrinkTo5 - novi DVDshrink

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    Network IP calculator
    Lokacija: Comp & Internet :: Cisco :: WiFi   |   Autor: cacan @ 15:04   |  

    Odlican i jednostavan webNetwork IP calculator

  • Network calculators

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  • Network view (scanner)
  • Kreditni kalkulator
  • DOF - Depth Of Field calculator
  • Desksoft BWmeter (bandwidth meter) - complete trash!
  • PHPcap - Pcap and Network extension for php - packet sniffing
  • Customer value and the network effect

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    PHPcap - Pcap and Network extension for php - packet sniffing
    Lokacija: WebDev :: PHP :: Razno   |   Autor: cacan @ 13:18   |  

    Hehe… odlican extension za PHP… packet sniffing… jako zgodno… :)

  • PHPcap - Pcap and Network extension for php - packet sniffing
  • Phpcap was originally a light implementation of the libpcap which provides an acces to all the pcap functions, but it has been upgrade with a set of functions to break down, make and send custom network packets

    The module is divide in two extensions, Phpcap and PktTool, phpcap just implements the Pcap functions for sniffing, and PktTool provides an access to several functions like pkttool_get_datalink() (which get the datalink header from a packet), or pkttool_new_tcp() (which build a new tcp header) and more…

    You can monitor a specific action by sniffing with pcap function and then break down packets for analysis, or build a custom connection to a server, by coding your own packets sequence.

    Of course, the source code is platform independant, it can be compiled on linux or windows without changes. But for convenience windows dll are available for download.

  • PHPcap - Pcap and Network extension for php - packet sniffing

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  • IP sniffer (network tools)
  • Desksoft BWmeter (bandwidth meter) - complete trash!
  • 25 free encyclopedias - Wikipedia alternative

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