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  • Tech Info Pages

    The Tech Info Pages are a collection of ’stuff’ (authentic tech term) that we have found useful over the years

  • Tech Info Pages

    Web stuff Various information on Server Side Includes, our Lightweight pop-out menus, Javascript, DHTML and CSS notes, PHP4, regular expressions, Browser ID strings and other stuff
    Open Guides Our first Open Guide tries to unravel the mysteries of installing and running (and even understanding) DNS. Our second struggles with LDAP.
    Languages Some information about PHP and Ruby. We are in the process of migrating our development methodology to Ruby - and a painful, but worthwhile, experience it is proving to be.
    DOM stuff Collection of information about the W3C DOM including the beginning of our in-house reference section.
    CSS stuff There is a lot more to CSS than getting rid of all those stupid font tags. We missed the whole point. This section documents our contrite journey to a ‘better place’™
    Wiring Collection of cable pin-outs (RS232, V.35 etc), NULL Modems, LAN wiring standards, USB, telephone wiring standards, cable information. Now includes some PC stuff e.g. DIN and Mini-DINs, monitors etc..
    PCs We get confused real easy. We just bought some new PCs and were staggered by the changes. This is our attempt to keep a modest handle on all that USB, Firewire, DIN, IDE/EIDE/SATA stuff.
    Protocols Ragbag of protocol information including frame formats and some backgrounders. Includes TCP/IP, 802.3 LAN and VLAN, some VoIP stuff, Video conferencing, SS7, SIGTRAN, H.323, SIP, MGCP (MEGACO) and ISDN protocols.
    SS7/SIGTRAN Some material on SS7 and SIGTRAN. Includes a walk through the alphabet soup of SS7 and SIGTRAN, layer primitives, SIGTRAN stacks and applicable standards.
    Wireless Collection of ’stuff’ about 2.4GHz and 5.8 GHz Wireless, wireless backgrounders, definitions of decibel, our wireless link calculators (budgets, free-space loss, fresnel zones, system power, watts to db conversion etc.), links to some ‘heavy’ stuff, 802.11 formats, MAC layer etc.
    ASCII Lots of places to find ASCII tables but we always forget ‘em. In case you do as well here is a list of ASCII characters. And IA5 which is almost the same.
    Speeds Definition of Telecom Speeds e.g. T1, E-5 (CEPT5), OC-3, STS-48 etc.
    Telephony GSTN Network Tones, ring patterns, E&M signaling (North America and RoW)
    Mechanical Even us electronic guys need to know which screws to use. Screw thread sizes, head types etc.
    HOWTO We just replaced our Primary Domain Controller (PDC) with a Samba3.x + LDAP configuration. We found it all horribly confusing to configure - but works like a dream. We’ll add more as we stumble through a series of major system upgrades. In the meantime we’ve provided a couple of guides on DNS and LDAP.
    Electronics Includes a Glossary of electronic terms, information on 3.3V and 5V isolation, BDM interfaces for both the PowerPC and ColdFire ranges.
    RFCs RFCs by topic (all the RFCs relevant to a particular topic e.g. IPSec, NAT). We update ‘em from time to time.

  • Tech Info Pages
  • Tech Info Pages

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